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What Are Buyer Rebates?

A buyer rebate is when the real estate broker that represented a buyer in a transaction shares their commission with the purchaser they represented.  Currently, buyer rebates are allowed in all but 10 states, Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Lousiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, and Iowa. Buyer rebates are allowed in NJ.  

Who Gives Buyer Rebates?

Real estate brokers give buyer rebates.  However, brokerages are not required to give buyer rebates.  The choice to give buyer rebates is up to each broker.  Most brokers do not offer rebates since rebates cut into their profits.  If you provide your information to the right of the screen, we can introduce you to an agent that services Quailbrook in Somerset, NJ and also provides buyer rebates. 

When Would I Get A Buyer Rebate?

You would typically get a rebate a week or two after you purchase a house.  The full commision amount is paid to the broker that represented the buyer in the transaction.  Then the broker would give a check for the agreed upon amount to the buyer.   

Where Can I Get Buyer Rebates?

From any real estate broker who offers them.  If you would like to see if you qualify for one, provide your contact  information to the right of the page, so we can contact you about a buyer rebate.   

How Much Money Do I Get and How Can I Get A Buyer Rebate? 

Since a rebate is taken from the commission paid to the buyer's broker, a portion of the buyer broker's commission would be the rebate.  Rebates are negotiable, but remember when a rebate is given, a real estate broker is sharing their income with you, so there are several factors that can help determine a rebate amount.

In order to receive a buyer rebate, some states, such as New Jersey, require you to sign an agreement before a buyer-broker relationship commences and a search for real estate begins. We work with real estate brokers and agents who offer generous rebates.  To get in contact with our Quailbrook buyer's agent who offers rebates, you can provide your information to the right of the screen.  

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