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REAL Advantage in today's changing Real Estate Market

It is no question that the internet, mobile communications, and other technology have revolutionized the way we live.  Over the past 15 years, personal computers and mobile phones have become a staple in every household.  It is not uncommon to see computers and cell phones out number the amount of people living in a house.

The Real Estate Industry, like many other industries, has been effected tremendously by this technological revolution.  With information literally at people's finger tips, the majority of home searches start on the internet.  Email and web-based marketing have become more and more popular in recent years.  However, with all the technological advances and resulting changes in the Real Estate Industry, several Real Estate agents are still in the dark when it comes to leveraging technology to sell homes.   

Electronic based marketing, both through websites and email can reach more potential buyers then any mailing campaign.  The main reason being, mail campaigns are much more costly.  The cost of postage, paper, and printing limit the amount of people that can be reached.  Electronic campaigns typically only involve start up costs or monthly fees (e.g. software, monthly web based services, etc.) therefore eliminating the per person cost associated with paper based campaigns.  Remember, it doesn't cost 44 cents to send an email.  You can send an unlimited amount of email to anyone across the globe, and in the end you will only have fixed costs to worry about. 

What is REAL Advantage? provides sellers and agents with a technology first approach for selling real estate.  Our philosophy is simple and involves attracting buyers, engaging them, and continually advertising your property to them.  We will attract and engage potential buyers to our websites by initiating an aggressive e-marketing campaign leveraging the latest computer technology, social media networking sites, and search engine optimization (SEO) methods and technologies.

- Attract Potential Buyers By Leveraging Social Media

Social Media is the newest marketing tool available to businesses selling consumer goods and services.  It is not uncommon to see a company direct you to their Facebook page rather then their own website. uses social media websites to draw buyers to our websites.  We advertise on well known global social media websites as well as local social media websites.

- Attract Potential Buyers By Using SEO Technology and Methods 

Chances are if you have ever used a computer you have heard of and know what a search engine is.  A search engine is website users go to and perform key word searches to try an locate content on the internet.  Since this is typically where many real estate searches start, uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technologies and methods to ensure that our websites will appear in keyword searches targeted at finding real estate for sale.     

- Engage Potential Buyers By Using the Latest Computer Technology provides tools and content to help both buyers and sellers make informed and educated decisions when buying and selling real estate. Our utilization of computer technology helps us engage buyers buy encouraging repeat usage of the website and provides us with methods to continually market real estate listings to site users based on their real estate needs and preferences.  Our usage of the latest computer technology will encourage buyers to recognize us as the trusted source for searching for Real Estate. 

- Continually Advertise Your Real Estate

Engaging potential buyers will enable continuous advertising.  Our continuous advertising strategy involves aggressive and frequent email campaigns.  Emails of featured properties will be blasted to potential buyers on a regular basis. 


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