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1.  It is Free and there is no obligation!

2.  Real Estate transactions are complicated.  You will be working with a team of professionals that include real estate agents, loan officers, lawyers, among other professionals who will be helping you to make critical decisions that will have a heavy impact on your finanical future.  It is important to have a foundation of knowledge before attempting to buy or sell a house so you can make the decision that is best for you and your family.  The less you know, the more likely it is that your decision may be heavily influenced by the professionals around you and not your true needs.  Remember, you want to manage your team of professionals, don't let them manage you.   

3.  Curious about what your neighbors sold their house for?  REALHouseSales has valuable and up to date housing data that will help buyers and sellers understand the market and make the right decision when listing or submiting an offer for their property.  Our website allows members to easily query our database for recent home sales data. 

4.  Have you been feeling bombarted with real estate websites and have been frustrated by unproductive internet home searches? recommends using local multiple listing services MLS to obtain the most up to data list of active listing in your area.  The MLS has the most accurate up to date collection of listings in your area.  Other websites provide inaccurate and incomplete data which may prevent you from seeing all that is available. provides mutliple listing services for whatever region your looking in.  

5. teams with a diverse group of real estate professionals that are equipped to handle any transaction. It's important to have a professional with the expertise, experience, and knowledge needed to help you in best accomplishing your real estate goals.  

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